Every Freelancer, Contractors, And New Business Owners Who Are Serious About Avoiding Costly Money And Tax Pitfalls
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I am Ronica Brown, CPA and Profit Consultant

Let's face it... even with all the buzz about business and lifestyle... there are still many business owners who are secretly failing due to the unknown of taxes and making their money work for them in their businesses. Despite creating a business to have time freedom and a richer lifestyle, they are faced with the reality that there is more to running a business than they could have imagined. 

After building my business for the last 7 years, and working with several business owners, those who are able to learn what is expected of them as quickly as possible are the people who save the most money on taxes, stay stress-free from the unknown of IRS audit, and keep more money in their live.

Have you ever wondered how other people do it, to be honest, most people take over 10 years to learn this information which cost them years' worth of high taxes, IRS audit issues, low profits, and worst of all thousands of dollars in back taxes interest and penalties.

  • Getting set-up the right way is the best start of your new tax status. You will get detailed information on what you as a contractor, a freelancer, or a new business should know about your new tax status, how to get set-up, staying far from owing back taxes, and how to pay yourself and plan for estimated taxes.

  •  Business owners tend to have a very business schedule and the reality is sometimes a lot of time is wasted being unproductive or wasted due to the lack of processes. You will get more information in this program on how to get your business financial life organized. After you learn this then everything will be easy for you and you will never have to lose a deduction due to an IRS auditor because you simply forgot to include it.

  •  Keeping good books is also important for bookkeeping and recordkeeping. Here I have done all the work for you and selected all the best tools and processes you need to implement to make this part of your life easy. Your time is precious, and you will easily learn that if you don't have a simple process then you will not accomplish most of your business goals. These tools will also help you to stay compliant and take the stress out of tax season.
  •  IRS Audit Proof Your Business - Have you ever wondered if you are doing things correctly? Well, you are not alone. Millions of small business owners struggle with this because they just don't know. There are deductions that people call "IRS RED FLAGS" but really, they only red flags because the IRS knows that people don't keep the proper records for these items. Once you learn what records to keep, then this eliminate this entire concept and you have a bulletproof system that will save you money and keep your compliant with IRS and Legal requirements. 

  • Your money roadmap for your business will help you develop projections, set your prices, determine your profit, and understand your cost of doing business. If you are ever confused about how the money works in your business, how to add the cost of taxes in your business model, the best way to pay yourself and pay your taxes. If you don't have a solid financial foundation to grow or know what is required then this this video will give you a lifetime worth of information that will push you years ahead of most business owners

  • Your entity selection is not only a legal decisions but it comes with numerous tax loopholes and benefits. With the new tax law, knowing if your entity will benefit or cost you will also be important to save yourself lots of money in taxes and more. There is an entire section on entities and the new tax law that is guaranteed to save you thousands of dollars in taxes. If you already picked an entity, then don't worry, I have provided information on how to make the changes.

  •  The only way to reduce your taxes is knowing how the tax system impacts your life and your new business. You will get a wealth of information so that you can start to see ways to pay less in taxes and also help you to avoid costly tax mistakes that another business was not able to avoid because they don't have this information.

  •  Get access to a private Facebook community where you will get first access to tax updates, money plans for your business, inspiration and be a part of a movement of business owners who are all about making their money work for them.
She provides information to ensure that I can take the highest advantage when filing my taxes for that year. She also provides tips and ways to run my business in a much smoother manner.
                                                                                         - Jenny
During our first session, Ronica helped me set up a budget and gave me good ideas of how to handle upcoming expenses. She was also very knowledgeable about the tax implications of the multiple options I was considered to have access to cash.
                                - Morgan
Ronica has been a truly a pleasure to work with and has provided a great deal of knowledge and resources to my wife and me to aid us to run our small business.
                              - Keith
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